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On Tuesday, May 19 at 6:00 p.m. Salida City Council will meet for their regular session where they will discuss ordinance 2020-09, which passed at the last meeting on the first reading. That ordinance would allow alcohol in Salida parks.

The decision represents a response to the business community’s crisis during the coronavirus known as COVID-19. As restaurants and bars that have been shuttered for weeks reopen, but must adhere to social distancing standards in their often small, in-house dining areas, concerns surfaced that they need a way to accommodate more diners.

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This ordinance was passed after its first reading and has already faced immense backlash. Chaffee County Public Health, Family and Youth Initiatives, which created the Chaffee County Youth Alliance (CCYA) to deal with teen rates of early substance abuse among other issues, released a letter last week expressing their concern for this ordinance.

The CCYA says it is concerned about the multiple negative consequences the ordinance may have on the community. Its leaders believe the potential benefits are slim compared to the potential negatives.

Family and Youth Initiatives Logo. Courtesy of Family and Youth Initiatives

No matter where you fall on the issue, the CCYA says it is asking Salida residents to consider participating during the public hearing. If you wish to sign the letter to City Council contact

For questions and concerns contact

To read the full letter click here.