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The City of Salida recently received a $10,000 grant from The Skatepark Project (formerly known as the Tony Hawk Foundation). The grant will go toward the construction of the new Salida Skatepark, which is currently under construction.

Skatepark Project Grants are awarded to free public skateparks in high-need areas of the United States. Applicants must demonstrate a strong grassroots commitment to fundraising by local youth and community groups as well as include local skaters throughout the planning process, fundraising, and design process.

The Skatepark Project Courtesy image

Friends of the Salida Skateparks (FOSS) spokesperson, Amy Reed said, “This was a great honor for us. We acknowledge the prestige that a Tony Hawk Foundation Grant carries. The feedback from our community and the City of Salida has been very positive during our fundraising drive. This grant is a real testament to the hard work of so many people in our community. It has especially been an incredible opportunity for the teens and youth skaters to experience both the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards that come from volunteering.”

Member of the Skatepark Project Board of Directors, Alec Beck said “We were delighted to approve a skatepark construction grant to The Friends of Salida Skateparks. Friends of Salida Skatepark (FOSS) reached out to us over a year ago to take a look at their project trajectory. It became clear to our staff that FOSS did their homework and has been following best practices from the get-go.”

Image courtesy of Valerian LLC.

Beck continued, “There were several factors that made us recommend this project for a grant, but the youth involvement was most impressive. Seeing kids from age 5-18 involved in a civic action project is what makes projects like these stand out. FOSS created an opportunity for the youth of Salida to prove to themselves that they can improve their community, and they stepped up to make it happen.”

As previously reported by Ark Valley Voice, construction of the new skate park is currently underway, but FOSS is still fundraising. Since FOSS started fundraising in early 2019, they have raised nearly $30,000, most of which has been committed to the current construction project.

Friends of Salida Skateparks (FOSS) logo Courtesy image

Salida was awarded a Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant for the skatepark in the spring of 2020. FOSS is currently raising money for a shade pavilion, power, lighting, and benches for the new park. These items had to be removed from the construction project caused by budget constraints and a slowdown of fundraising due to COVID-19.

“We currently have a crowdfunding donation site as well as a Buy-A-Brick campaign, and change donation jars around town. Every little bit helps,” said Laura Donavan FOSS board member.”

Click here to learn more about Friends of Salida Skatepark fundraising. Follow Friends of Salida Skateparks on Facebook and Instagram for project updates.