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The Salida School District meets in the Kesner Board Room (Photo by Taylor Sumners)

In the regular meeting of the Salida School Board on Tuesday, Feb. 11, the Salida School Board approved a set of recommendations for its 2020-21 capital wish list. Among the essential items on the capital wish list are: a new intercom system for the Salida Early Childhood Center, land acquisition, computers for testing at Crest Academy, and seat belt installation for all of the school buses.

Salida School Superintendent David Blackburn and Facilities and Safety Director Brandon Hawkins went over the updated version of the capital wish list items with the Salida School Board in the Jan. 14 meeting. During that meeting, Blackburn spoke about the budget and the potential to put some of that money toward land acquisition and address essential items.

“Here’s the best recommendation that we could come up with in looking at the list of needs and wants and also looking to the future for the best way to spend the money for the needs of the district,” said Blackburn.

Priorities and timing were established on the updated version of the capital wish list presented by Blackburn. Following Blackburn’s introductions of the recommended items on the capital wish list, the Salida School Board discussed them.

“So a vote on this recommendation tonight does not mean that we are approving the budget,” said Board President Jennifer Visitacion. “It means we are approving moving forward with [the proposed Capital wish list] as the staff designs the budget and we approve the budget in May.”

Visitacion continued, “So there is time between now and May [staff could] come back with additional changes, but for right now it is giving direction to staff to keep moving forward with our recommendations.”

The recommendations give Salida School business staff a better sense of projects that require funding, contributing to the draft budget for the upcoming school year. The Salida School Board will review that budget in May 2020 and vote on it in their June meeting. Some items on the capital wish list were deferred, which means the school district has not made a recommendation or approval of those items for inclusion in the 2020-2021 budget. But they remain on the wish list.

Board member Carrie Mattix made the motion to approve the recommended items for the capital wish list and Board member Joel McBride made the second.