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In an effort to learn more about the 2021 Salida School Board candidates, Ark Valley Voice (AVV) compiled a set of questions that were distributed to each candidate. Their answers to our five earlier questions are available here. This is the sixth in the series of questions to reveal candidate positions on issues important to student success.

Image courtesy of the Salida School District.

All candidates were given the same amount of time to complete the questions, as well as the same word count for their responses.

Three of the eight candidates responded to this final question: “What question haven’t we asked that is top of mind for you and why you are running for the Salida Board of Education?”

 Jeannie Peters’ Answer:

“What curriculum will truly prepare our students for a future we cannot see and that is coming at us at what feels like an unprecedented rate?  What is essential for our children to know about themselves and the ever-changing world in which they live that will help them create a satisfying life?  What skills do we teach our children to help solve the challenges facing all of us here on Mother Earth?”

“Why am I running?  I want to be a part of that conversation!”

Dr. Jodi Breckenridge Petit’s Answer:

“For existing board members, it might be helpful for the community to understand how much time we put into the volunteer effort and how much anger we must absorb from concerned/worried members of the community.”

Mandy Paschall’s Answer:

“Ultimately, I am running for the school board because I care deeply about our kids and our community. I more often than not have extra kids in my home. I love listening to them laugh and share about their day, watching them excel in sports, or sing their hearts out at a choir concert. I value public schools and am excited about the opportunities our schools currently provide to our students as well as all the new opportunities on the horizon. Our district is lucky to have such amazing community partners and collaborators willing to invest in our kids and strengthen our programs.”

“I am not a one-issue candidate and I do not have a political agenda. I am willing and wanting to serve because our children truly are our future. It is our responsibility to prepare them with the skills they need to not only be successful and able to earn a living wage, but to be respectful, kind, contributing citizens who will make our community and the world a better place.”