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On November 9, the Salida Board of Education hosted their school board meeting. During the meeting, Superintendent Blackburn acknowledged that, given the current county-wide COVID surge, the district would continue to implement mask-wearing through Thanksgiving. He also noted that their use of testing is more powerful than masks alone and has helped sick individuals tend to their needs.

During the meeting, the board also hosted a strategic planning consultation update with Onward Education Consulting regarding the school curriculum. Cindy Ward and Jackie Webb from the consulting company provided updates to the board.

“The process has four phases and we’re currently finishing phase one which is gathering multiple perspectives. So, we want to let you know that at this point we’ve met with a total of 38 focus groups with staff, community, CMC, and students. Jackie met with the school board, there have been meetings with school leadership. There was a meeting specifically with the High School staff given the emphasis on graduation guidelines,” said Ward.

“Surveys went out to all staff last week just so they would have an opportunity to give final input in this phase. We will be looking at that data as well,” added Ward. “We’re currently coding all this data that we have. To identify stakeholder values and priorities. We will arrive at somewhere around five to seven priority areas. The next phase will focus on actions plans for those priority areas.”

Image courtesy of the Salida School District.

Regarding this process, Webb explained, “I admire the board for engaging in this because there were many positives and there were also concerns voiced about the process and to open up and allow people to have their voices being heard and to be a part of this, it has been such a pleasure and a learning opportunity for me.”

“We took every single comment that was made and input it into a document. We identified the general themes; we should have that completed next week because we want to make sure we take every one of those comments and code them in and make sure we  have done our due diligence.”

To watch the full meeting click here.