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The Salida School District Board of Education has announced that it has reviewed the Salida Police Department Assessment Executive Report completed by Investigative Law Group (ILG) at the request of the City of Salida, regarding the Sept. 23 incident on school property and the associated press release from the City.

In a united statement, the directors wrote: “Before the Board comments further on this incident it is waiting for the resolution of Principal Trujillo’s court case so that all information is readily available.” They added that they wished to avoid any interference with the legal proceedings in any way.

Their written statement went on to note:

“The Board of Education believes the safety of the children in our schools is of the utmost importance. The District continues to find daily success working with Salida PD who continue to promptly and professionally respond to all calls for service. We are grateful for their continued commitment to keep our schools, community, and children safe.”

Those with any additional questions can contact Kim LeTourneau at 719-221-3346 or