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The Salida School Board has released an Academic Framework for navigating the return of school in the fall. Currently, the framework is in its drafting phase. Over the next couple of weeks, the board will monitor community feedback and adjust the plan as needed. Comments about it and the school’s careful coordination with the community made by Superintendant David Blackburn during the Chaffee County COVID-19 Roundtable are available here.

The school district has pointed out that while designing the framework, risk management was highlighted. The board worked to mitigate risk and add elements of supporting community development including quality instruction, daycare capacity, youth activities, and whole child development.

The Board provided the following graphic as a breakdown of the programming options they hope to provide families. (See below)


Each individual and family must evaluate their own personal risk and act accordingly. The board also acknowledged that:

  • The financial system supporting public education was broken before and will be in even more serious straits after COVID-19
  • The local system has been successful
  • One size fits all does not suit each individual child equally
  • The biggest asset is the schools have is people; community wide with creativity, expertise, competence and strong student relationships
  • The community has supported innovations and entrepreneurship initiatives of the district in past years.

The board hopes to finalize the direction of the plan on July 14.