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Salida has been one of the few districts in the state that opened with in-person learning and was able to sustain it through the use of quarantine as well as working closely with Chaffee County Public Health.

The district has decided it is best to cancel classes in all facilities and grade levels  the week of Thanksgiving and move to remote learning the week of November 30. All programming is canceled. This is not due to COVID-19 cases but a much-needed break for staff who have been doubling up on responsibilities.

In a letter to parents, Superintendent Blackburn said “I was told back in July we would never make it this far. Well we did.” He continued “it is possible because we have done it together.”

Salida School District Building. Photo by Brooke Gilmore.

Blackburn explained that teachers, administrators, counselors and support staff have been covering each other’s shifts and any other gaps that may have appeared. He thanked the staff and encouraged families to reach out to teachers and support staff to thank them.

Blackburn said “I want to express deep appreciation for our staff. We have all doubled up on duties from kitchen tables to classrooms and found a way to stay in person. It’s time for a break.”

He continued “Our schools have remained a safe place and we need a break to ensure that we can hold that line. We also need our staff to return from illness and quarantine. We are going to take a break and get everyone back in the driver’s seat. Then we will work to get back into our classrooms as soon as possible.”