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The Salida School Board has announced the seats that will be up for election for the Board of Directors and Salida School District in the November elections.  Election packets became available from the Salida School District starting Wednesday, Aug. 7. The packets include petitions to collect signatures to qualify for a place on the ballot.

A recent press release from the Salida School District Designated Election Official Brandy Coscarella, provided the following recap of seats that are up for election this November:

  • District 5 (two-year term) Jeff Post currently serving-does not intend to pick up a petition for election in November.
  • District 4 (two-year term) Joe Smith, the incumbent has let the board know he intends to complete a petition and run in District 4.
  • District 2 (four-year term) Jennifer Visitacion and Joel McBride currently live in this District. Jen has let the board know she will run in District 2 and Joel has decided to run at large.
  • District 1 (four-year term) Penny Wilken, the incumbent, does not intend to run for re-election
  • At-large seat (four-year term) Visitacion intends to run for this seat.

According to the press release from the Salida School District, “All electors in the Salida School District can vote for each director seat and sign a petition for each district.” The Salida School District added that those looking for more information or to determine the district you live in should contact Coscarella at 719-530-5406.