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On November 15, the Salida School District made the announcement that staffing shortages necessitate a move it hasn’t wanted to take: to move to remote learning. The reason is simple. To run in-person school, there has to be a ratio of adults to children in the school building, and the shortage of staff means the district can’t meet that ratio.

Superintendent Blackburn released the following information:

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“I am sorry to announce that the Salida School District will move to remote learning, starting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 16 through Thanksgiving Break. Tomorrow will be a transition day with limited instruction as teachers and families make the adjustment.  Watch for additional information from your principal and expect to receive initial student instructions from staff by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.”

He continued “We have been holding 25 percent staff absenteeism at various schools for the last couple of weeks.  Tomorrow ECC expects absenteeism to exceed 30 percent, which will trigger 25 percent or greater staff absences across the district. We hope to return to in-person learning after Thanksgiving break.”