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An overview on Transportation for Salida students was given during the Salida School Board meeting on August 11. The walking zones have been changed and more students will be encouraged to walk due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines surrounding the amount of people allowed on buses.

Note the current map of students who will walk to school in this article. This remains a draft, as adjustments are still being made.

Courtesy of Salida School District. Ares inside the red line indicates students who will walk to school.

There are health rules related to bus transportation. They include: thermometers will be carried on buses (staff says that the thermometers will work well with the various temperature fluctuations). Sanitation will be done after every bus route is finished. Twice a week buses will be complexly disinfected from ceiling to floor. Students will receive hand sanitizer as soon as they get on the bus. Drivers will have wipes to clean any surface touched after picking up students.

Regarding transportation regulations, these may vary as time goes on, but the current rules for starting the school year include:

  • Suburban model SUV’s may only transport three students at a time
  • Mini-buses have a total occupancy of six students plus the driver
  • Full-size buses can have one person in each of 24 seats. Masks are required
  • Windows will be lowered for proper ventilation.

In terms of routes, Salida Schools says they plan to do their best and get kids to school as safely as possible. Routes are subject to change depending on the final number of kids receiving transportation. The total number of students is still being calculated. as more families decide what is safest for their families.