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Colorado Mountain College (CMC) Salida students have earned honors for their high marks in their CMC classes this past semester, with 15 named to the Dean’s List and 19 named to the Presidents Honors List.

CMC Salida now headquarters in this Salida School District Building. Photo by Brooke Gilmore.

Colorado Mountain College Salida students with a declared program intent and who have completed six or more hours in the semester and have earned a term grade point average of 3.5 to 3.99 are admitted to the Dean’s Honors List.

Students meeting the above criteria with a 4.0 term grade point average are admitted to the President’s Honors List.

As reported by CMC, the following students were admitted to the Dean’s List or President’s List for the 2021 fall semester:

CMC Dean’s List

Bari Beasley

Brett Christensen

Jewelee Clarno

Bonnie Culpepper

Elizabeth Deveney

Casey Goehl

Chandler Hansen

Steven Jones

Sarah Kurmin

Lily Marine

Kelley Nelson

Laila Peckham

Brian Rill

Abigail Rodgers

Jared Trusty


CMC President’s List

Kaya Bell

Emily Blair

Catherine Brown

Maximus Ferguson

Myranda Goehl

Jamie Goodrich

Nicholas Goodrich

Rachael Guenther

Emily Houtchens

Jeffrey Krieves

Kinsey Krupa

Grace McAllister

Jesse Moreno

Atchley Pedrie

Giullia Smith

Aidan Stokesberry

Hannah Tattershall

Poppy Thorpe

Stacey Turner