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The Salida Sunrise Rotary (SSR) has awarded grants to seven local nonprofits for projects. Their community grants support projects and programs in the categories of youth, education projects, vocational projects, community service and environmental programs in the area. Salida Sunrise Rotary continues to support local nonprofits as they adjust their programs to serve their clients and community while meeting public health guidelines.

This winter, Salida Sunrise Rotary Community Grants are supporting the following nonprofits and their projects.

  • Baba’s Magic Christmas which is a Salida community tradition that provides toys, clothing, food and more to kids and families throughout the community who cannot afford much for themselves.
  • GARNA-YELP, a program that has been adapted to give kids a meaningful experience exploring ecosystems and the outdoors while also being mindful of current county health guidelines.
  • Friends of Salida Skate Park. As the skate park gets built out, certain infrastructure items need to be paid for outside of the city’s budget. A SSR grant is funding a picnic table for the new skate park.
  • FYI-Chaffee County Mentors which will allow Adults and their mentees to spend time at Monarch Mountain for a day of connecting with each other while being introduced to the sports of skiing or snowboarding.
  • Hospitality House helps people who are struggling to find a home or shelter in Chaffee County so they can find a safe, warm place to sleep at this location.
  • Ramps and Alleys Skate Club, which is a new club that will give kids a chance to build their skills and confidence through skating and much more. An SSR grant is supporting arts and crafts projects at the club.
  • Shakespeare in the Park is an adapted version of this classic Salida event and now preparing for summer performances.

SSR raises funds through events and initiative to provide grants through its Charitable Fund. The Fund also accepts donations through the Colorado Gives page. To learn more, click here.