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The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the needs for shelter and created additional health protocols which led to the need for increased funding for Hospitality Inc. Salida Sunrise Rotary awarded Hospitality Inc. a community grant as well as a COVID-19 Community Support Program grant from Rotary District 5470.

Image courtesy of Salida Sunrise Rotary.

Hospitality Inc. is part of the Chaffee County Homeless Coalition and is in its second year of running a men’s shelter.

This year, they were also able to add a women’s shelter to further help those experiencing homelessness. The Rotary grant helped cover costs for bedding, laundry, cleaning supplies, and the costs of hotels for families.

In January of 2021, Rotary District 5470, which includes clubs across southern Colorado, offered matching grants to clubs in order to quickly serve immediate needs in their communities. This is the third time Rotary District 5470 has offered these types of grants.

Salida Sunrise Rotary has also applied for and received funding in the previous two rounds to support other organizations in the city.

Salida Sunrise says that it is pleased to provide additional funding sources to help local organizations that support the community, especially during these challenging times.