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With the climate crisis weighing heavily on many people’s minds, the Salida Sustainability Committee has developed a draft Climate Action Plan and is asking community members to review and comment. City Council is also requesting feedback on the draft.

The Salida Climate Actions Plan aims not to set requirements but rather, to help present and organize the many dozens of recommendations and strategies that volunteers have compiled for the city to enable the community to create achievable goals. The plan outlines a process and its creators say that it should be considered a living document, to be revised as new businesses and technologies arise and as the feasibility of the ideas presented are fully assessed.

Photo by Brooke Gilmore.

The action plan highlights five specific areas including waste and landfill, vehicles and transportation, energy supply, residential energy, and commercial energy. Each highlighted topic offers an overview and recommended actions for the community.

The Sustainability Committee is focused on improving the city’s carbon footprint through thoughtful analysis of the community’s greenhouse gas emissions, updating and advancing local guidelines and codes to lower energy consumption, and improvement of waste diversion and recycling to keep our landfill viable.

Members of the committee say they are also passionate about addressing other environmental challenges including recycling and energy efficiency in the community’s homes and businesses.

To read the full document, click here. To submit input on the draft, click here.