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The City of Salida is changing, and it has announced that the current logo no longer reflects Salida’s unique and vibrant culture or identity. Local graphic designers are encouraged to apply to be involved in the development of the new logo.

City staff and a Brand Committee made up of community stakeholders have begun meeting to discuss and plan a rebranding project to update the city organization’s current logo. The goal is to create a new logo that is a better representation of the city government organization and its responsibilities.

The logo design and selection process will include opportunities for community engagement and feedback.  The turn-around to apply is short. Those interested must submit a portfolio of work by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, July 16 through the online application.

Local graphic designers are invited to submit portfolio work from previous logo design projects to be considered for selection as the designer for the new Salida logo project. The top two local designers selected by the Brand Committee will receive a creative brief to guide them in the new logo design.

Both designers will be compensated $2,500 whether or not their proposed new city logo is chosen.

The two selected designers will have the opportunity to refine their design ideas and work with Slate Communications, the City’s communication consultants, hired to oversee the public engagement process.

The city will be considering community input on the design process. In fact, community members will have the opportunity to choose their favorite logo among the top logos selected by the city’s brand committee. The city says it plans to offer more ways to provide input later this summer.

Click here to learn more and stay up to date on the rebranding process.