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The Salida Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails (PROST) Master Plan process released a community survey on Nov. 6. It is asking for community input by the survey’s closing date on Friday, Nov. 22.

PROST Master Plan QR Code

The online survey, which addresses the uses of recreation outlets in Salida, also asks community members to weigh in on how they think recreational programs and spaces should be funded and paid for. President & CEO of 110 Percent Jamie Sabbach and Parks and Recreation Director Mike “Diesel” Post sat down with Ark Valley Voice to share the importance of community input in the survey.

Sabbach explained the intention behind administering the PROST Master Plan survey, “We used the community center in the survey as a metaphor for all of the things people want. Something everybody can relate to. The survey asks those who want to see a rec center or community center in Salida how it should be paid for.”

He added, “What we are trying to draw attention to in the survey is that these [community recreation desires] don’t come for free. We are hoping to see 10 percent in responses. Responses between eight and 12 percent are average these days, but a group response between 460 and 480 ballpark, which is roughly nine to 10 percent would be great. If we get more than that, it would be amazing.”

Post shared his thoughts on some of the feedback he has had about the survey, “I like data. When people go to click on a survey, what they expect to find varies greatly. Saying the same thing, three different ways is the triangulation of data.”

Post said the hope is that the regardless of the seemingly redundant questions, that people see past the technicalities of the survey, and will still provide their feedback to the PROST Master Plan.

Salida community members can provide input in the PROST Master Planning process,  by using the QR code (above) or by visiting the site.