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Dear fellow and past Salida Sunrise Rotarians,

Our 2019 Home & Garden Show was a huge success! We set several new records, including a net income of $30,000, increasing Luck Ducky Race ticket sales by over 60 percent, and increasing support of our wonderful Imagination Library project. This was all due to your volunteer help, the stellar volunteer work by the 2019 H&G Committee, and the support of our excellent title sponsors.

Thank you so much for moving and adjusting your family, vacation and work schedules to help “be there” and make this annual “all hands on deck” fundraiser a success. As Miki Hodge and Randy Mosby, the new Chaffee County Fairgrounds staff said, “Wow! There are a LOT of moving parts to produce this event.”

Truer words were never spoken and you helped make it happen. This is a big part of what we Rotarians do to help support student scholarships and non-profit grants. Even if you are past members, we always welcome your help with this fun event. Hope to see you next year!

Thank you to our title sponsors along with credit to area vendors and our nearly 2,000 attendees.

Please note next year’s event, April 4-5 2020 and reserve the dates on your calendars. Carol Preiss, 2020 H&G Show chair, will be in touch this fall to begin the planning and solicit help again for this terrific Salida Sunrise Rotary event. I remind Rotarians to remember to return your H&G yard signs for our re-use next year at the next SSR meeting.

Thank you again,
Tom Hittle
2019 H&G chair