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Ark Valley Voice (AVV) readers readers who read us on our social media pages or catch up with our Sunday morning eblast, may not know we publish news articles and stories all week, every day of the week. Now there is a new way to  add Ark Valley Voice (AVV) to the homepages of your Apple  and Android devices so that with one tap, you can see news stories published as they go live throughout the week.

Here are a few friendly tips to get to your timely news from AVV on your Apple tablets and phones or your Android devices:

Make us an app on your iPhone devices by saving AVV as a bookmark to your homepage. The steps are easy!

  1. To add a website bookmark to your home screen, open up AVV site in Safari, and tap the share arrow. Next, one option says, ‘Add to home screen.’ Click this.
  2. A screen will present itself that will allow you to edit the name of the bookmark. Once satisfied with any changes you may have made, press the ‘Add’ button in the top right corner.
  3. When you return to your home screen, our AVV river icon will be there. When you click the icon, it will take you to AVV’s website.

Make us an app on your Android devices by saving AVV as a bookmark to your homepage with these easy steps:

  1. Open the Browser app on your Android devices and open up the AVV site
  2. Once on the AVV page, Tap on the menu icon. then the ‘Create Bookmark’ icon, which is the star icon to the right of the URL bar.
  3. An info box should appear asking you to name the bookmark and where you want it saved, click the drop-down box that says, ‘Add to’ and choose ‘Home Screen.’ The icon will appear on the home screen and when clicking, will take you to the AVV site.