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If you, like many Chaffee County residents, are excited about the recent snowfall, we invite you to let it show.

Friday’s snowfall, which has lingered into Saturday, is the kind of snow that is perfect for packing — building snow forts, snow men (and snow women and snow kids), or carving images of birds and bunnies and snow monsters.  Ark Valley Voice would like to challenge you and your imagination to a DIY project. Build a snowman — or anything else that expresses your “snowmanship” — and send us your photos.


No special tools are needed, just an imagination, warm gloves, and a camera. While you are at it feed the fine feathered friends and send in those pictures too.

This snowman appeared in Salida’s Alpine Park last week, made by unknown hands. It lasted one day before someone knocked him down. Photos by Jan Wondra

Please include a brief description, such as snowman on G Street, etc. Also include the town. Photos must be a jpeg and cropped to 1200 pixels Wide by 800 pixels High.

Submit photos to

photo by Sandy Hobbs