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SOIL Sangre de Cristo announced this week that it is accepting applications for zero-percent interest loans. Loans awards are available for local farmers, ranchers, and other food producers in South-Central Colorado. The application, in Spanish and English is available on the SOIL Sangre de Cristo website.

Nathan Collins with “Fungus Among Us”, a  mushroom grower in Westcliffe, CO Photographer: PJ Bergin

The loan application includes the matrix by which the vetting committee judges the merits of each applicant based on regenerative farming practices and commitment to supporting others in their community. The deadline for submitting the loan applications is January 31, 2023.

Awards will be voted on by the Investor-Members of SOIL Sangre de Cristo on March 5, 2023.

SOIL Sangre de Cristo, is a nonprofit formed to support farmers, ranchers and other food producers in our region with zero-percent interest loans. Investing with SOIL Sangre de Cristo gives Investor-Members a mindful and positive channel to generate resilience in regional, nourishing food.

The board is an “all-volunteer” team. This keeps operating expenses very low. The dollars invested stay in our community working over and over again through the revolving loan fund.

Logo Courtesy SOIL Sangre de Cristo

These community members want to see a diverse and resilient local food chain. Thanks to these members, SOIL Sangre de Cristo has loaned $41,000 to seven farms and ranches in our region. Members of the community become investors by building the revolving loan fund to support this effort.

Farmers and food producers join SOIL Sangre de Cristo for just $25 annually. Annual memberships for Investors start at $250 per person and up, and that membership includes a vote on loan distributions. Contributions to the loan fund in any amount are also welcome.

SOIL Sangre de Cristo’s mission is uniting the communities of South-Central Colorado through direct support for local farmers, ranchers, and food producers, improving food security, improvement in soil carbon, and better health for all residents.

All contributions are tax deductible and are matched 50 percent by the Mighty Arrow Family Foundation. For more information click on