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Michael Moss, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times contributor and author will be the April guest speaker for the upcoming entry in the SOIL Sangre de Cristo “Speaker Series”. The public is invited to join this free, virtual event for a fast-paced, and frightening survey of how the choices in our grocery stores are being manipulated without our knowledge.

This virtual event begins at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 26. To receive the Zoom Link for the virtual event click on

Author Michael Moss. Image © Daniel Sheehan

Moss, who is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, will discuss his new book, “Hooked”, a powerful exposé exploring the science of food addiction and how the processed food industry exploits our evolutionary instincts and legal loopholes in the name of profit over public health. He will discuss food choices, free will, and how the giant food conglomerates exploit our addictions.

Moss’s style of writing with specific examples and sharp-eyed reportage suggests human willpower is helpless against corporate puppeteers toying with humans’ neurochemical and digestive strings.  Like a true David-and-Goliath story, Moss also shows us what we can do to retrain our brains to change what we value in food and seize control of our health.

“No one has done more to reveal the intentional and underhanded ways in which food companies manipulate our desires and eating habits than Michael Moss,” says Mark Bittman, the author of Animal, Vegetable, Junk. Moss’s book “Hooked” is available at the Narrow Gauge Bookstore, 602 Main St. in Alamosa.

This speaker series is but one aspect of the work of SOIL Sangre de Cristo. “SOIL” which stands for “Slow Opportunities for Investing Locally,” is the first word of the local nonprofit SOIL Sangre de Cristo. It allows community members to invest in our common good, to support the health of our environment, and have delicious high quality food available as the end result. SOIL Sangre de Cristo awards zero percent interest loans to local food producers by pooling money from the community and awarding the loans each year.

For more information and to receive a Zoom invite to the event, go to .

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