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The Member Advisory Council (MAC) at Solvista Health recently received the Golden Light Bulb Award for innovative work in the behavioral health field.  The Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council (CBHC) awards this prestigious, statewide recognition annually.  Brian Turner, CEO of Solvista Health, accepted the award at the CBHC Annual Conference in Breckenridge.

The MAC was developed this year to gather feedback about services, policies and programs at Solvista Health. The council is made up of clients, former clients, family members and community members interested in behavioral health.

MAC with Golden Light Bulb Award (Courtesy photo)

“We believe that the people we serve are the very best people to give us feedback and will help us create the best possible options for quality healthcare,” said director of advocacy and peer services Haline Grublak. Grublak led the effort to form the council and support the members who facilitate the quarterly meetings.

MAC member, Sondra Sage said, “I would like to thank Solvista Health for giving us a voice in how service is delivered to those who utilize it.  So often, people with mental health issues are discounted and voiceless within society, and it is important to be able to participate and be heard.”

She added, “Solvista is leading by example, recognizing the contributions that everyone can make when provided the opportunity.”

Individuals interested in applying for a position to serve on Solvista Health’s Member Advisory Council can call Grublak at (719) 275-2351. Those in search of more information can contact Gwen Ferguson (719) 671-7322.