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Solvista Health has released its newest Mental Health Minute. This week’s episode focuses on fun and creative ways to teach kids how to identify their emotions. It began doing these Mental Health Minutes as the country dealt with the coronavirus known as COVID-19.

The impacts from the pandemic have added to family and personal stress as kids have had to deal with the impact of schools shut down, family financial difificulties from job losses, and the loss of their normal routines and contact with friends.

Member of the Child and Family Team, Kristina Sargent, LCSW, RPT explains an exercise and the importance of showing children how to identify their emotions. This will helps normalize their emotions and is especially important to talk about during these stressful times filled with unknowns.

Solvista reminds readers that behavioral health services are still available via telehealth and telephone as well as their 24/7 crisis help. Call Solvista Health at 719-275-2351.

Click here to watch this week’s Mental Health Minute.