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The Ark Valley Voice crew of reporters, copy editors, social media and digital tech folks aren’t any different than our readers. In a year (and a decade) of unrelenting horrible news — locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally — we find ourselves wishing for some good news.

It’s not that there isn’t good news. It’s that it can get lost in the midst of the baby formula shortage, the pandemic, the rising price of housing and gas prices due to inflation, the Robb Elementary School massacre, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the ongoing political discord. Good news can seem to be in short supply alongside murder investigations, the fentanyl epidemic, the mental health crisis, and the housing shortage in the Arkansas River Valley.

“For most folks, no news is good news,” said Chief Policy Analyst at CNN Gloria Borger. “For the press, good news is not news.” We disagree.

We’d love to be able to report that world peace has been achieved, that there will be no bread shortage this fall, or that everyone who needs a home will get one, but those are ambitious ideals. So, instead, we are hoping for a few citizen journalists out there who hear of some major local “good news” that deserves to be held up as an example of our region’s optimism and can-do spirit.

Readers who have a “good news” tip, send it to We can’t guarantee we’ll get to everything, but even though there is uncertainty swirling around us, we believe that good news has a place here — and this summer is a time to celebrate it!