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Though this Halloween looked a little different due to the pandemic known as COVID-19, fun was still had, and social distancing was maintained for the most part.

Some community members gathered on F Street in Salida to trick-or-treat, adorned with masks and costumes alike.

Though social distancing guidelines were mostly followed, some community members could be seen without masks, possibly because they felt safe just being outside.

One local business especially understood how to proceed safely. They built a giant furry wolf that covered their door; in fact, not allowing customers inside.


Corvus Clothing & Curiosities has always upheld and delivered scary Halloween events. This year was no different, they just pushed their creativity a little further.

The wolf tongue dispensed candy for children one at a time and allowed for all involved to carry out the tradition in a safe manner.

With COVID-19 cases on the rise across the state, many chose to stay home and celebrate amongst themselves. Within the coming weeks, time will tell if adequate safety precautions were utilized to keep the county below the five percent positivity rate and schools open.

Featured Photo: Approaching “Fang” causes his pink tongue to slide out and dispense treats at Corvus Clothing & Curiosities in Salida, Halloween 2020.

Merrell Bergin photos