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Cattle drive along the Ute Trail. photo credit-S. Hobbs

Summer is quickly fleeting away, but there is still time to capture those special moments for posterity. Ark Valley Voice encourages the community to share those snapshots of summer with our readers. Photos from near and far are welcome.  Show us what’s happening in your neighborhood, or in your travels.

First person to submit 2 photos that meet the criteria and are clear images, will win a  surprise gift certificate.  Must be submitted by August 25, 2019. Submit to clear photos 1000 X 800 pixels to

Jet, the labrador, retrieving some loosing ducky stragglers from Franz Lake after the winners had been plucked out of the water. photo credit-Sandy Hobbs

Mayor, PT Woods, right, ready to grab the winning relay race ducky out of the tube. photo credit-Sandy Hobbs

Burro headed to Burro alley for start of the race. photo credit-Sandy Hobbs

Old school house along route 285 looking over the southern rockies near Nathrop. photo credit- S Hobbs

Soaring high. photo credit-S.Hobbs

‘A night at the Roller Derby’ photo credit-S. Hobbs

Fast action at the roller derby. photo credit- S. Hobbs

DJLostSol, Mac Frenzi and Amber LC, DJ’s at the roller derby. photo credit-S. Hobbs

‘ Go KHEN Chicken”

Calloway Kuhn diving into the cotton candy at KHEN block party. photo credit- S Hobbs

KHEN block party face painting by Bailey Brossart on the right. April Morrisson on the left. photo credit- S. Hobbs

Chantelle Marriott of Brisbane Australia, left; Suzy Brown of Edinburgh Scotland on the right. Taking the Captain Zipline Adventure Park challenge.  photo credit- Sandy Hobbs

View of Captain Zipline Adventure Park in Lost Canyon. photo credit- Sandy Hobbs

Mule talk. photo credit-S. Hobbs

Maverick the mule, looking for some loving. photo credit- S Hobbs

Chickens love to eat bugs on the ground and in the grass. photo credit- S. Hobbs

Roaming free for making of a Chick flick. photo credit- S. Hobbs


Start of the Buena Vista gold rush days burro race. photo credit-Sandy Hobbs

Louse Kuehster with Pandora and Tracy Laughlin with Mary Margaret [rear} charging for the finish line.

Start of the Buena Vista burro race. photo credit. Sandy Hobbs

Start of the Buena Vista burro race. photo credit-Sandy Hobbs

Marvin Sandoval and Buttercup on the home stretch after passing the halfway point. photo credit-Sandy Hobbs

Burros arrive for start of the race. photo credit- Sandy Hobbs

Rocky Mountain Bee flower. photo credit-Sandy Hobbs

Studebaker Avanti and Ford Falcon. photo credit-Merrell Bergin

Ford delivery van for sale. Needs work, has Corvette engine. photo credit-Merrell Bergin

1955 Chevy Nomad station wagon. photo credit- Merrell Bergin

Rare 1968 Triumph TR250. photo credit- Merrell Bergin

1911 Salida Fire Department Kissel. photo credit- Merrell Bergin

Trout Creek with Milky Way in the sky. photo credit- Erick S. Miller

Flowers and Milky Way. photo credit- Erick S. Miller

ARC Milky Way. photo credit-Erick S. Miller

Abondoned Tracks and Milky Way. photo credit Erick S. Miller

Wildflowers on Ute Trail. Photo credit, Sandy Hobbs.

Salida fire engine to the rescue in the 2019 FibArk parade.

Fire dog

Commodore’s float




Ask a librarian

Shriner band

Shriner band

Shriner mules

Shriner mule

Ark Valley Voice staff, Dan Smith.

Aliens. photo credit-Merrell Bergin

High Wheeler. photo credit-Merrell Bergin

Kazoo band

Salida circus

Republican float

Shamrock Disposal float


Rat attack






Lining up the parade

Lining up for the parade

Spectators with great seats.

Completing a roll on the river. [photo credit-Sandy Hobbs]

Practicing rolling on the river.

Rolling on the water.

Monster truck at fairgrounds. photo credit-Sandy Hobbs

Monster truck. photo credit-Sandy Hobbs

Monter truck. photo credit-Sandy Hobbs

The new grandstands at Chaffee County Fairgrounds are are full for the Monster truck show. photo credit-Sandy Hobbs

The mighty Arkansas roaring at sunset from the F street bridge. [photo credit-Sandy Hobbs

Spring Bouquet

Someone loves to bake.

Aristotle John types poetry in the park.

Love me some radishes. Recipe: slice radishes add to fresh slice of buttered bread, add salt. Yum. [photo credit- Sandy Hobbs]

Joi, designer of colorful napkins, placemats, and aprons, in her booth at the Farmer’s Market.

Weathervane Farms fresh vegetables at the Farmer’s Market.

Iris on G Street. [photo credit-Sandy Hobbs]

Newly refurbished fountain at Touber building in Salida. [photo credit- Merrell Bergin]

Newly refurbished fountain at Touber building in Salida [photo credit-Merrell Bergin]

Cattle drive [photo credit- Sandy Hobbs]

A cross planted in the rocks atop the Chalk Cliffs overlooking Chalk Creek Canyon towards Mt. Antero.

Grant Miller and Jared Sink on top of the Chalk Cliffs overlooking the Ark Valley.