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The Democratic candidate for Governor, Jared Polis, achieved a solid general election victory Tuesday evening, capturing 51.6 percent of the statewide vote and 989,543 voters. His Republican opponent Walker Stapleton got 44.97 percent of the statewide vote and 862,377 votes.

Colorado Secretary of State

The race for Colorado Secretary of State saw an upset, when political newcomer Jena Griswold bested incumbent Wayne Williams; 50.89 percent, to Williams’ 46.8 percent of voters.

Jenna Griswold      966,394

Wayne Williams    888,364

Colorado Treasurer

Democrat Dave Young took 50.61 percent of the vote, against Republican challenger Brian Watson’s 46.85 percent.

Brian Watson    888,235

Dave Young       959,487

Colorado Attorney General

Candidate for Colorado Attorney General, Phil Weiser, left, is introduced during his visit to Salida by local attorney Matt Hobbs (photo by Sandy Hobbs).

Phil Weiser won the contest for Colorado Attorney General, taking 49.71 percent of the voter versus Republican George Brauchler’s 47.5 percent.

Phil Weiser              948,712

George Brauchler   905,779

U.S. House District 5

Republican Doug Lamborn returns to his House seat, beating back his Democratic opponent, Stephany Rose Spaulding, 58.49 percent to Spaulding’s 38.22 percent of the vote.

Stephany Rose Spaulding  89,243

Doug Lamborn                    136,576

In the normally solidly red Republican District 5, Chaffee County was the only county which broke for Spaulding, casting 5,449 voter for her versus 4,980 for Lamborn.

Colorado State House District 5

Democratic incumbent Kerry Donovan held her seat, capturing 59.9 percent of the vote to Republican challenger Olen Lund’s 40.1 percent.

Sen. Kerry Donovan, Colorado Senate District 5, speaks to constituents during a visit to Chaffee County. (photo by Joe Stone).

Colorado Senate District 5

Kerry Donovan     37,569

Olen Lund              25,149

Colorado State House District 60

Republican incumbent Jim Wilson captured 59.83 percent of the vote to return him to the state House, while his challenger, Democrat Erin Kelley, got 36.8 percent of the vote.

Jim Wilson 23,191

Erin Kelley 14,255

For those looking to delve into the details of Colorado state or local races, they can go to the Secretary of State’s election site at: