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Colorado is a contrarian state, and the results of the two statewide ballot initiatives in the 2019 General Election reflect that. With 58 of 64 Colorado counties reporting, it appears that Prop CC will go down to defeat. Results for Prop DD are considered so tight, that victory or defeat has still not been determined.

In Chaffee County, a total of 8,230 votes were cast, representing 58.4 percent of the county’s 14,091 active voters. The turnout was higher than the Colorado state average turnout of 35.89 percent.

The Prop CC ballot question asked voters if the state could keep TABOR refunds to apply the normally small individual Taxpayer Bill of Rights refunds to education and road and bridge infrastructure.

Prop CC – with 58 of 64 Counties Reporting:

                    Ballots                  %

Yes              610,536                44.88

NO              749,905                55.12

TOTAL:    1,360,441

If it had passed, Prop CC would have undone portions of the 1992 TABOR bill that has hamstrung the state’s ability to invest in critical infrastructure (the only bill of its kind in the U.S.). Notably, the proposition went down to defeat in several rural mountain counties, where investment in education and roads lags behind the metropolitan area, including Chaffee County where unofficial results show:

Chaffee          Ballots cast   %Total votes    % Total active voters

YES                        3,457                  42                         24.5

NO                        4,694                   57                          33.3

TOTAL:                8,151                  8,230                     14,091

Prop CC passed in the county of Denver and the I-70 corridor and adjacent counties with high tourism-dependent economies. To view the state-wide map of results by county, click here.

Prop DD remains so close that as of early Wednesday morning, it remains too close to call statewide:

                     Ballots            % Total vote

YES               684,739           50.48

NO                671,598            49.52

TOTAL:     1,356,337

Locally, Chaffee County voters rejected Prop DD:

 Chaffee      Ballots Cast     % Total votes    % Active Voters

YES                     3,720                    45.2                       26.3

NO                      4,391                    54.1                       31.1

TOTAL:             8,111                    8,230                    14,091

Prop DD sought to add a 10 percent tax on sports betting at licensed casinos to fund state water projects, a proposition that projected it would raise $29 million annually. To view the state-wide map of results county-by-county, click here.

It is expected this ballot question will be resolved Wednesday, Nov. 6. All state and local election results are considered “unofficial” until the Colorado Secretary of State office certifies the election.