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Four Points Funding, a private real estate and investment firm based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado recently purchased the Buena Vista KOA site northeast of Johnson Village.

The firm will be leading the expansion of the KOA property via its newest Opportunity Zone fund. The expansion will upgrade the site’s existing infrastructure, add additional tiny homes for nightly rental, update amenities, and transition the property from a seasonal focus to a year-round facility.

Four Points bought the KOA in October and plans to have the facility ready in spring 2021.

They plan to revamp onsite check-in, the community room and office, and there will be employee housing on site. The facility will have 47 RV sites, 24 tent spaces, an assortment of “Kabins,” as well as nine tiny homes. There’s the possibility of more tiny houses if they prove extremely popular.

The group has been investing in projects across the Western Slope since 2017. Chris Imbler, analyst for Four Points, said that “outdoor-focused hospitality” comprises about 10 percent of their projects and a significantly larger share is devoted to multi-family housing aimed at local workforces.

“Housing is such an issue on the Western Slope,” he said.

Imbler acknowledged that camping is seeing a surge in popularity, as evidenced this past summer as people flocked from urban areas for socially distanced getaways. He sees the campground experience a “part of modern travel, an experience where families can travel together.”

He added that travelers seek out places where they can combine work with travel – particularly for longer stays – and that solid WiFi is an essential. “I think the trend we are really noticing, especially across the Western Slope, is the ability for people to work remotely,” he said.

“We aim to elevate the outdoor-focused hospitality experience,” said Four Points partner Amanda Montgomery. She said the group wants to make the Buena Vista KOA “ feel like both a relaxing home base for active travelers and a destination in itself, with the potential to host various types of events on site.”

Featured image: Buena Vista KOA site. Courtesy image.