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 Colorado teens partner with experts to discuss relationships, overcoming stress, and what adults can do right or wrong when interacting with kids

With another school shooting Wednesday in a high school in Michigan, just the latest in a long line of school tragedies, rising rates of youth depression and the ongoing stress experienced across all ages as the pandemic drags on, school safety is perhaps more relevant than ever.

The Colorado School Safety Resource Center has announced a special event for Tuesday, Dec. 7, featuring teens from across Colorado, joining forces with school safety experts to discuss the best ways to improve safety and wellness for young people today.

COVID-19 social isolation

The stress of the teen years, coupled with the pandemic, and worries over school safety have combined to create real concerns for school-age youth. Image by Thrive Global.

Colorado School Safety Resource Center Virtual Student and Staff Safety Summit

This free Virtual Student and Staff Safety Summit is for students, parents, and school staff, hosted by the Colorado School Safety Resource Center (CSSRC).

Teen leaders from Youth Engaged in School Safety (YES²) will:

  • Give advice to adults about what works — and what doesn’t — when interacting with students to make them feel welcome, safe, and connected at school.
  • Discuss healthy and unhealthy youth relationships and where to get help if they see warning signs.
  • Lead youth participants through stress reduction practices to help them cope with holidays, finals, and other sources of stress.

The event will kick off with a plenary presentation by bullying expert Dr. Dorothy Espelage, of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who will present research about how bullying serves as a precursor for sexual violence and teen dating violence.

The event is free but registration is required. Sign up at: