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The month of November is often called National Scholarship Month. The American Bankers Association wants families with students thinking about college to see this month as a time to become aware of scholarship opportunities for current and future college years.

Scholarships can be very important in paying for college. Polls have shown that nation-wide, an average of 15 percent of students’ college expenses are covered through scholarships and/or grants. The ABA says that students and families should start now exploring the opportunities that are out there, ranging from scholarships at the national level to scholarships at the local level, and everything in between.

Most students are surprised to learn about the plethora of scholarship opportunities. There are scholarships for athletics, academics, and even scholarships based on volunteerism. There are scholarships based on special interest areas, for students with minority status, and for specialized areas of study. Most think of scholarships for graduating seniors, or for undergraduate students, but there are also many scholarships for graduate students. If your student isn’t interested in a four-year college, there are also scholarships available for those interested in trade schools or specialized study.

High Country Bank points out that there are several excellent and local resources. Students and families could explore the following websites, and be aware of upcoming deadlines:

The Hagan Scholarship

This is a needs-based merit scholarship. Students could receive up to $6,000 each semester. But the deadline is looming: applications must be in by Nov 15, 2018. Website:

The Daniels Fund

This is a needs-based scholarship

Website is: Free Micro-scholarships

this scholarship allows students to earn money for grades and get credit for tests you have already taken.

More information is available at

The Salida Sunrise Rotary Scholarship

For more information and application forms, go to

High Country Bank Scholarship

The bank offers a $500.00 scholarship to a graduating senior in each of the following school districts Salida School District, Buena Vista School District, Cotopaxi School District, and Fremont County School District.

This scholarship is awarded each year in four school districts to a student interested in the field of business. This is a merit based scholarship, for someone that has also shown exemplary skills as a citizen. This is a non-renewing scholarship. Interested students should check with High Country Bank in the spring, 2019 when the application will be posted.

Students and families should also check with their local school districts for district-specific scholarships. New information is being added all the time, so students should check back often. Among local districts, HCB suggests:

The Salida School District

Visit for their local scholarships. has more specific links. This is continuously updated as new scholarship information is received.

The Buena Vista School District

Visit for their local scholarships. has more specific links. This is continuously updated as new scholarship information is received.

Students interested in applying for national scholarships should visit:

One last piece of scholarship advice. Students can always reach out to their local school guidance counselor for more detailed information. As a financial organization, High Country Bank urges you to take advantage of these opportunities. If you get selected, your wallet will thank you.

Robin NeJame,
High Country Bank Community Outreach and Marketing