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With the community wondering what school will look like for their children come fall due to the impacts from the coronavirus known as COVID-19, the Salida School District is trying to keep parents informed.

Every Monday from 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. on KVRH FM 92.3 and Eagle County 104.1, Salida Superintendent David Blackburn is hosting a Q and A session for parents and community members to help them stay informed. This hour is for community members to call in with any questions about school and education.

Station Logos. Courtesy image.

It offers a direct line to the superintendent during these chaotic times, explains Blackburn. He addressed his purpose by saying “it’s for me to stay connected with parents and make sure that they’re getting information. I’ll continue that until it doesn’t seem like there’s a need for it.”

He invites parents to tune in via radio next Monday, June 29, to ask and get answers to any Salida School related questions they may have.

Listen live to Eagle County 104.1 here or to The Peak 92.3 here.