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Rob and Sarah Gartzman, owners of Sweeties and The Biker & The Baker, are currently revamping the former Mon-Ark Shrine Club building on the corner of Sackett and G St. to relocate their two businesses.

Sarah Gartzman told Ark Valley Voice “We’re really excited to have a brand-new space but still a historic building keeping our old fashioned charm.

Sarah and Rob Gartzman on the soon to be rooftop deck. Courtesy photo.

They are building a new three-story concept with a larger kitchen attached that will service both restaurants. Sweeties will be on the first floor, in a space that the Gartzman’s say will become much more inviting. “We are updating the space and it will be more of what we think of when we think of Sweeties, this wonderful inviting homey spot with a nicer floor and online ordering. Things that we were never able to do with our current location.”

The second floor and third floor will be The Biker & The Baker. The couple will be reintroducing brunch on the second floor, something they started when Sweeties first opened. The brunch menu will be revamped and brought back via The Biker & The Baker. They say that having a new space will allow them to increase their menu offerings and service. They will continue to have charcuterie board, dessert, and wine bar in the evenings. Sweeties menu will stay the same.

The third floor, which is a rooftop patio, will host The Biker & The Baker craft cocktail bar. They are currently upgrading their liquor license to accommodate for these changes. They shared that they have a new cocktail menu to unveil.

“We may not start doing every one of these things at once, as soon as we move, but these are our plans for the future,” said Rob Gartzman. “Hopefully by the end of the year, if not the spring we can have all of these elements up and running together so we’re a cohesive but separate unit working together and being serviced from the same kitchen.”

The Gartzman’s say the building, even with as many memories as it holds, can’t keep up with where the two businesses are headed.

The team hopes to offer curbside pickup. delivery and online ordering to help keep the community safe and comfortable during these stressful times.

The hope is to open by September, but due to COVID-19 there have been setbacks because of social distancing and health regulations. They want to keep their team as safe as possible, which accounts for the slower progress.

“We’re excited for whenever it happens,” Gartzman said. “We’re not superheroes or magicians. I am just a chef and Rob has an amazing business background, so we work really well together. At the end of the day we are just regular people trying the best we can. We realize that sometimes we can’t get it right the first time or the second time but that doesn’t mean that we’re discouraged. It just means that we need to reevaluate things more and figure out what is going to work for us, the community, and what’s going to make people the happiest and most comfortable.”