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Longfellow Elementary School wins $15,000 Colorado Succeeds prize

“Wow! First all to our kids in our community in Salida, nicely done everybody! Thanks to everyone who is part of bringing this together. We can’t say enough about an effort to value our teachers and people who work with kids in school. It never happens enough and it’s a wonderful thing to see happen.

Chuck McKenna
Longfellow Elementary Principal

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Longfellow Elementary School in the Salida School District is a finalist for “The Succeeds Prize”

“While we don’t know what jobs our kids will have in the future, we do know they will need ingenuity, collaboration and emotional intelligence to succeed. By highlighting schools getting it right, Colorado Succeeds hopes to provide a roadmap for other schools and districts, effectively ending Colorado’s skills gap.”
Jennifer Shermer
Spokesperson for the Colorado Succeeds School Prize

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