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Commissioners-sheriff dialogue on sheriff’s request for Sanctuary County status

“When the sheriff approached me after the town hall meeting and said he was going to make this request, my response was, please don’t just make a broad request, give us your specific issues, and give us a chance to address those. We need to address his concerns and work on the things we can control, that we can do – work for positive outcomes and leave the other aspects to work through the courts.”
Greg Felt
Chair of Board of County Commissioners

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Commissioners sidestep vote on Sanctuary County, schedule April 9 public hearing with sheriff

“I feel that we owe the sheriff a response to his request. I would like to discuss that as a group … We’re open to public comments and feedback, written or via email. It doesn’t hurt to discuss this with the sheriff on his points … I feel as county commissioners we can’t determine whether [the law] is constitutional or not. That is up to the courts to determine in the long run. We are sworn to uphold the constitution.”

Greg Felt
Chair of the Board of County Commissioners

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We the People, A constitutional examination of the issues surrounding the Red Flag Bill

It may very well be that Colorado’s proposed “Red Flag” law infringes on some constitutional rights*. It could be argued that it is far more prudent and effective for those who oppose the law to take it up with the legislature prior to passage, rather than fight it in the courts after it is passed. For law enforcement personnel to defy the very document they are sworn to protect does not appear to be logical or constitutional.

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