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Meet the SDCEA Board Candidates: Michael Robinson

“I keep getting the comment like ‘We’re not moving fast enough,’ but I’m not sure what they are measuring against. I don’t know what their standard would be. If the objective is to be 100 percent renewable sources, I agree. But my objective is to maintain reliability while we move forward toward that future and toward non-carbon sources.

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Meet the SDCEA Board Candidates: Joe Redetzke

“With today’s tech we can get to 85 percent carbon-free, but not 100 percent, Even Xcel says that. Tri-State has adequate power, adequate resources, they have excess power and they are selling to others for more than our contract…. they are going to continue to find customers that want to pay more for the power than we do today. Future carbon-free sources are geothermal, and even small-scale nuclear.”

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