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Well done past and present boards of the Salida Natural Resource Center Development Corporation!

The people of Salida say thank you to the dedicated men and women who have served on the NRCDC board, working diligently across many years to preserve and protect this  valuable asset for the citizens of Salida. Your stewardship is greatly appreciated. The current NRCDC board has voted to return itself and its assets and liabilities to the city of Salida to be used for the benefit of the people.

Promise Kept; NRCDC Board Gives Itself Back to Salida by Jan Wondra

Vandaveer Assets Returned to Salida by Joe Stone


Joe Lyford
Lynn Camp
Joe Jordan
Glenn Cottone
Bill Smith
Dan Shore
Linda Erickson
Ark Valley Voice
Alison Brown

Steve Tait
Jennifer Swan
Joe Stone
Brodie White
Ira Curry
Danielle Mayo Potts
Tom McConaghy
Jan Wondra
Mindy Babcock

Daniel Smith
Jim & Rynn Miller
Stephanie Leddington
Rob Dubin
Lawton Eddy
Paige Judd
Sandra Hobbs
Mark Wiard