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The Chaffee County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) held its executive committee meeting this past week, and has several changes to announce, including that Todd Tiption will serve as acting Chair.

The committee unanimously passed the need to expand the committee member leadership by forming community groups. The CCRCC will seek to add community leaders to its group who will bring a voice and represent the vast and diverse community of Chaffee County.

“We are very excited about this new opportunity to bring fresh perspectives and vital representation of our community,” said the committee vice-chair Todd Tipton. “We see  Chaffee County continuing to grow, and the need for strong representation of all parts of the community is clearly evident more than ever before. This new focus will bring a voice to many who have felt ‘unheard’ in the past few years, giving them a platform for action and change.”

Chaffee County Republican Party

The new community initiative starts immediately with the unanimous vote beginning with committee members seeking participants throughout Chaffee county. Interested business and community leaders can contact the CCRCC Secretary for more information.

“The goal of the new Execs of the Chaffee County Republicans Central Committee (CRCC) is to be more transparent and engaged with the community,” said CCRC Secretary Jennifer Barker in her message regarding the latest developments.

Dovetailing with this initiative, Kathy Rogers will step aside as Chair of the executive committee to allow for growth within the executive committee. The committee notes that her tenure is marked by a tireless effort to make gains on the county’s Republican priorities and to grow GOP support across the county from Arkansas Valley to underserved rural areas. Her organization efforts have genuinely been both visionary and dauntless. Mrs. Rogers will continue to support the committee as an executive committee member.

Additionally, the CCRCC also decided to form a communications advisory committee. As the committee moves forward with this initiative, it will seek communications and business professionals to communicate with the public and the media through social and traditional media venues.

The CCRCC has announced that the date has been set for its annual Lincoln Day Dinner tradition, now scheduled for August 9, 2023, at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and Resort. Speakers, a raffle, and fundraising for candidates are planned for this event. Contact for more information.

The Chaffee County Republican Central Committee is the governing body of the Republican Party for Chaffee County and manages party operations throughout the county. The committee meets on the second Monday of every month, and guests are encouraged to request to attend and present concerns and comments. Officially, the party’s mission is to preserve conservative principles and promote Republican candidates for public office.