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Making a New Year’s resolution seems to come with the new year. There is something special about the first day of the new year; especially one ushered in with a blanket of pure white. The first day of a new year is a chance to remember, reflect, and redeem.

The last day of 2018 brought with it the Arkansas River Valley’s first real snowstorm of the season. Residents and visitors woke Tuesday, January 1 to pristine powder softening the edges of the collegiate peaks and brightening with valley with brilliant white.

Much of the Valley saw over a foot of snow deposited during the day on Monday, and at least in Buena Vista, saw the snowfall recede in time for old and young alike to gather and welcome in 2019.

Buena Vista resident Jon Comiskey, said he recognized the dichotomy of the new year; seeing it as an opportunity for growth by remembering as well as planning for the future.

“The New Year is a time to look back and remember the good and the bad,” said Comiskey. “[then to] reflect on the things that have happened and take those memories into the new year to learn from.”

Comiskey’s sentiments are echoed by his girlfriend Sara Morgan Cox; a Colorado Springs Resident spending New Year’s Eve in Buena Vista.

“To me, the New Year is a time to set clear goals; as an individual, as a couple, and as a community. It is a time to reflect on growth from the past year.”

Mckenna Inglis, a Michigan Native visiting Buena Vista for the Holidays, wants people to keep an optimistic outlook on the New Year.

“We should go into the new year knowing the bad won’t last, and goodness will come” said Inglis. “The new year brings me to reflect on the best and the worst of the previous year, and how they always seem to even each other out.”

Many of those interviewed said that they had set New Year Resolutions for the upcoming year. Those resolutions tended to focus on personal growth, spending time with family, reading more, weight loss, and many other personal goals.

Though the concept of a New Year resolution is disregarded by many, Inglis urged that those who haven’t considered a resolution at least recognize the importance of the New Year.

“The New year is an opportunity,” said Inglis. “It’s a time to refocus after the holidays, an opportunity to improve in various aspects of life.”

General wisdom is that opportunity should never be taken lightly. The New Year brings with it the chance for all to take hold of opportunity and move toward concise goals. In the meanwhile, Chaffee County residents can appreciate the snow and between stints of shoveling snow, set aside time for reflection and remembering and for embracing the fresh start and new opportunities.