The City of Salida has announced that the furthest upstream whitewater feature, known as “The Office Wave,” will be closed for maintenance from Sept. 23 until Oct.18.

Mount Antero stands in the background as the Arkansas River flows through the Salida Whitewater Park. A documentary about the river aired on Rocky Mountain PBS at 8 p.m. Thursday, May 31.

“The river will be impassable for swimming, boating or floating during this time,” explains the city’s statement.  “The closure will affect only the areas immediately upstream and downstream of this feature as a coffer dam will de-water this area. The Boat Ramp Wave and other downstream features should be unaffected.”

Vessels intending on accessing the river should take out at Big Bend or another upstream access and put in at Salida Boat ramp or below.

The City of Salida says, “We understand that this is a popular time for our community and its visitors to enjoy the Whitewater Park for swimming, fishing, floating and relaxing. We apologize for the inconvenience but hope to make a safety and enjoyment improvement to this part of our park and river.  This is an amazing process and we encourage the community  to take a few minutes to witness this work.”