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“Leading from the Heart.”  What do you think when you hear that phrase?

Maybe leading with compassion, trusting your deeper knowing or intuition, is leading in a way that aligns with your values.

Whatever comes to mind for you is undoubtedly precisely right, and also most likely incredibly complicated.

“Leading-with-your-heart-in-a-head-based-world.” Image by Clare Josa.

What does it mean to lead from the heart in our current business environment? How has this global pandemic changed what a few months ago represented business do’s and don’ts?

Even if you intellectually know what it means for you to lead from the heart, how do you put this into motion?  The opportunity in front of us is significant. Our current structures and institutions began to crumble just a few weeks into COVID-19. Paradigms are shattering, and [in my opinion] they needed to.

So, the opportunity is to redefine how we move through the world and operate within our businesses and visions, an opportunity to trust our deeper knowing and bring it to life.

Because it is from this place of deeper knowing – from the heart – that we receive the messages and ideas that are not only right for ourselves, and for our businesses but also elevate those around us and our natural world, the future we need to create comes from our ability to see our interconnection to all of life. The tools to do this have been with us all along. With every breath comes an invitation to connect with our strongest tool, our deepest truth, and the wisdom and trust to move things forward – our heart.

There are some basic techniques for tuning into your heart that has been developed by an organization called Heartmath. They’ve spent years perfecting tools that are easy and accessible to all, and you will see them shared from the stage by individuals such as Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Deborah Rozman, and more.

It’s an easy entrance into somatic awareness – an understanding of what you are feeling and experiencing as you move through your day and how your response to these deeper emotions is impacting your interactions, relationships, and ability to act on your dreams, ideas, and inspirations.

I’ve recently made access to my Somatic Awareness online course free to all. It’s a wonderful resource for scratching the surface of this deeper work. This work will transform your life and illuminate the paths and opportunities you’ve been waiting for. Leading from the heart is leading from the feminine. When I say that I don’t mean female versus male, I mean reconnecting with the feminine wisdom that lives within us all.

We have lost balance and been taught how to function under paradigms and structures created simply from masculine awareness. It is this lack of balance that has created this collapse in our communities, environment, economies, and more. (Learn more through the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor)

The power to right the ship exists within each of us, and the opportunity is powerful and beautiful. The change we are seeking and wanting begins within. When we understand and remember how to lead from the heart, we step into “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible” (Charles Eisenstein’s book). We begin to see the path forward to creating this new reality.

by Laurie Benson

Owner of BV Roastery

To hear more about this topic, the Small Business Development Center invites those interested in learning more, to join Laurie in a panel discussion Leading from a Purpose-Based Authentic Heart on May 18th from noon to 1:30 p.m.  To register follow this link.