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Treats encourage this porcine to try something new – walking through the tunnel. Merrell Bergin photo

Top Hogs owner and trainer John Vincent brought two of his prize porcines to the Salida Regional Library Saturday afternoon, June 5.   A degreed engineer by training, Vincent and his animals have numerous film and TV credits plus appearances at fairs and festivals.

Here in Salida, small children, their parents, and passersby ‘squealed’ with delight under the big tent as Vincent took the pigs through their paces.

A training secret that the children already knew: breaking tasks down into simple steps, adding positive reinforcement, and giving treats as a reward makes everything easy.  Spoiler alert: Nutty Buddy cookies and Goldfish crackers are preferred.

While reading aloud is always a focus at the Salida Regional Library, this summer is full of events of all kinds, for children and adults alike, including hands-on presentations.  Upcoming: Kids Crafts, Adult Crafts Night and a two-day photography class, among others.

Featured image: John Vincent’s Top Hogs perform at Salida Regional Library. Merrell Bergin photo