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Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center and Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort have announced a significant expansion of the all-inclusive wellness retreat conferences that they began in 2018. Two wellness retreats are already scheduled: Jan. 13-17 and March 31 through April 4.

“Last summer, we offered one session to judge the interest in the program,” said Jon Fritz, wellness manager at HRRMC. “We had a terrific response and decided to not only offer an additional session, but to expand the program as well.”
The retreat at Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort is styled as an all-inclusive, lifestyle-change program that spans five days and four nights. The focus is on preventing disease rather than treating illness. Led by medical providers and staff from HRRMC, the program is designed to spur a lifestyle change for better health.

“When healthy behaviors are sprinkled into your life as something extra to do, real change is challenging. But when you have an intensive, lifestyle-change experience, research has shown that real change can be made that is long-lasting,” said Fritz. “We believe making these changes before a diagnosis of a disease like diabetes is preferable to waiting until we have to treat the disease. That is why we are offering these retreats.”

The retreat is designed to offer evidence-based health interventions through educational sessions on topics such as stress management and behavior-change skills. Participants will have access to the pools, spa services, mountain bike rentals and fitness classes.

The retreat also includes daily meditation, group counseling, tai chi, hiking and a “healthy cooking” class to help participants not only learn to prepare food, but to understand what and how to eat. Blood work is taken at the beginning of the session and participants can opt for a full cardiovascular screening on the final day.

“We’ve really designed these programs to not only motivate participants, but also to give them the tools to make real changes in their lives,” said Fritz.

While the focus is on the full multi-day all-inclusive retreat program, single-day options are also available.

For information about daily schedules and cost, call (719) 530-2057 or visit and click on the Total Wellness Retreat button on the home page. Online registration is open, but space is limited.