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The town of Buena Vista has adopted a COVID-19 Action Plan, which is a tiered response to assist local health officials manage the potential for outbreak of the virus in Chaffee County. As of this message, the Town of Buena Vista is instituting the provisions of Tier II of the town’s Action Plan. The Action Plan can be found at the Town’s website:

The plan’s Tier II addresses how the town will continue its core functions, informing people to contact the Town via email and phone during the emergency. The town has also announced that while essential service will continue, it is closing Administrative Offices to the public, in response to the COVID-19 emergency until March 30. Posting of this action has been done on the Town of Buena Vista website, social media and on town buildings.

The staff of the Town of Buena Vista have been working with officials of the Chaffee County Public Health Department and the Board of County Commissioners on evaluating the COVID-19 pandemic to prepare a response appropriate to the situation.

Setup of some of the 450 tables
that stretched the length of the Buena Visa Main Street for the Sept. 24 BV Strong dinner.

The press release from Town Administrator Phillip Puckett was clear and calm in making a request to the public to take this emergency seriously.

The press release said “It is imperative that the greater Buena Vista and Chaffee County community work together during this time. Following the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations related to preventative hygiene and social distancing will mitigate the possible spread of the disease and thereby reduce the long term impacts on the community.”

Puckett’s communications included these recommendations: “ The Town encourages its citizens and guests to use their best judgment in social distancing and following the CDC recommendations, which can be found at: 

Information regarding CCPHE’s response to this situation can be found on their Facebook page

Tier II of the town’s COVID-19 Action Plan recaps how the town addresses core functions during an emergency: the internal workings of the town and how individual departments manage meetings, interactions with the public and instructions for high-risk individuals who work for the town.

At this time, Puckett says the town encourages all persons wanting to do business with the town to contact the town via digital or telephonic devices, accessing the town’s website, to pay bills online or over the phone and to conduct meetings via teleconference. They ask that those doing business and interacting with town staff keep a six foot contact distance (6’) from town personnel.

The Town of Buena Vista’s actions follow Chaffee County action related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier Friday, March 13, Chaffee County declared a COVID-19 local disaster emergency. The same day, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency; a federal move that frees up around $50 billion in aid for states and local governments to deal with the effects of this emergency.