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Beginning today in the high country and tonight for the Front Range and eastern plains and continuing throughout tomorrow, Colorado is in for additional snowstorms this week, with the first wave expected to be the largest. The Colorado State Patrol is asking travelers across most of the state to stay home Wednesday, if possible, during this next round of inclement weather.

First Alert Weather forecast shows a major winter storm aiming at Colorado.

If travel is unavoidable, take time before the storm begins to ensure your vehicle is properly equipped.

  • Ensure your tires are up to the task with a minimum tread depth of 3/16″
  • Check your windshield wipers, replace them if needed, and fill your washer fluid.
  • Check your battery and ensure all your vehicle’s systems are working properly.
  • AWD or 4×4 vehicles would be best, also consider including tire chains or other alternative traction devices.
  • Commercial vehicles should be ready with chains.
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles – charge up as cold temperatures drain the battery.

If you must go out, take precautions in the event you become stranded. Be sure to stay with your vehicle and put bright markers on the antenna or window. The Colorado State Patrol recommends that you bring extra clothing, snow boots, and blankets in addition to some food and water in the event you must shelter in your vehicle for some time. Also, to ensure you can get help on its way, carry a portable power bank or charger for your phone. In an emergency, you should call 9-1-1 from anywhere in the state.

Again, troopers ask that you do everything you can to stay home and off the roads for the next 36 hours. If you must drive, be cognizant of the changing conditions and take a slow, cautious approach. Look for plows and keep your distance as they do a very important job for our communities.

Stay alert for first responders working in these conditions or stranded motorists. Slow and cautious driving is always the best option in winter weather.

Additional Winter Driving Tips from the Colorado State Patrol:

  • Scrape all your windows and remove the snow from the roof of your vehicle
  • Check the weather and your complete route before your head out. Be prepared for changing conditions.
  • Go slow. Adjust your overall driving speed down when there is snow or ice. Accelerate slowly to avoid skids.
  • Decelerate slowly – it takes longer to slow down on icy roads.
  • Increase your following distance. Longer distances are needed to come to a safe stop.