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Salida High School principal Talmage Trujillo, who was arrested last fall following a Sept. 23 school lockdown/lockout that contained enough drama for a television show, is facing a new charge. He is alleged to have erased evidence from his phone in front of police officers.

According to a report from the Salida Police Department investigators went to Talmage Trujillo’s office at Salida High School on Wednesday to serve a search warrant for his phone in connection with the incident that happened on Sept. 23.

The September incident involving the school occurred when an upset and allegedly suicidal student visited the Salida High School nurse, then left the building. Trujillo, who knew the student from his time as principal of Horizons Alternative School where the student was connected, followed the student, attempting to resolve the crisis. In the meantime, law enforcement arrived at the high school, locked it down, added a lockout, and then proceeded to order Trujillo to come back and let them talk with the student.

Trujillo received misdemeanor charges for the September incident including; harboring a minor, obstructing a peace officer, and first-degree official misconduct after allegedly interfering with police during a lockdown at the school because of the aggravated student.

A subsequent review by a third party suggested that there were miscommunications and missteps on both sides of the situation.

The Salida Police Department alleges that when they arrived with the search warrant for his phone, Trujillo “unlocked his phone, completed a factory reset, erasing all content, and then handed it to the officers.”

Police then contacted his cell phone provider asking for confirmation that the phone was wiped, left the school and contacted the District Attorney’s Office.

A warrant was issued for class-6 felony Tampering with Physical Evidence and according to Salida Police, Trujillo turned himself in “without incident”.

Salida School District has reportedly again placed Trujillo on paid administrative leave. AVV has not yet received a statement from the district.