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The Buena Vista Board of Trustees unanimously approved Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center (HRRMC) for a 0.97-acre lot adjustment and zoning change for its current location at 28374 CR 317 in Salida.

The lot adjustment portion was sold to HRRMC by Mountain View Baptist Church. The church, whose lot borders the HRRMC office to the North and East, is currently zoned as General Density Residential (R-2). HRRMC requested a zoning change to adjust the acquired 0.97-acre portion from R-2 to Highway Commercial (H-C).

The Buena Vista Planning and Zoning Commission, after a thorough review of the HRRMC application, recommended to the board of trustees that the request for rezoning and lot adjustment be approved.

Mike Wilbur, representing HRRMC and its request to rezone the acquired property, acknowledged how helpful and accommodating Mountain View Baptist Church has been.

“They are very serious about maintaining [it], where church property used for worship should stay that way.” Wilbur told the board. “They made an exception for the 1-acre allotment and we (HRRMC) did not want to take more than we needed.”

HRRMC and Mountain View Baptist Church have discussed ways in which both entities will be successful going forward, and Wilbur spoke to the amicable collaboration between HRRMC and Mountain View Baptist Church.

“We worked out an agreement with the church. We can use their parking on weekdays, and we will build and plow their parking lot.” Wilbur explained. “We have a really good relationship with them.”