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The Truth Has a Voice Foundation (THAV Foundation), together with Ark Valley Voice, has announced a joint Chafee County Commissioner Candidate Forum on Oct. 1, including all four candidates for county commissioner.

The virtual forum will be conducted from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. in the Salida City Council Chambers in the Touber Building and because no live audience is allowed due to COVID crowd size limitations, it will be broadcast via both Zoom and YouTube.

Image courtesy of Fort Myers Beach Observer.

“We’re pleased to be able to coordinate a forum so the public can meet the candidates and learn their positions on the issues that affect our daily lives,’ said THAV Foundation President Cheryl Brown-Kovacic. “This represents one of our first projects as a foundation dedicated to our mission to support quality, objective, fact-based journalism and First Amendment educational programming in the Upper Arkansas Valley.”

“Objective, fact-based journalism leads to a better-informed community, civil discourse, and government accountability,” added AVV Managing Editor Jan Wondra. “We did our first Candidate Forum in 2018 and Ark Valley Voice is pleased to be offering this opportunity to the public to hear from the candidates.”

Members of the public are invited to submit candidate questions ahead of time, sending them to . As the media, Ark Valley Voice will be asking questions of the candidates. Questions from the public will be interspersed with AVV questions during the 90-minute forum.

In real-time within the Zoom framework,  questions can also be submitted via the Zoom chat function. Any questions which can’t be answered in the 90-minute forum timeframe will be given to the candidates, and Ark Valley Voice will publish their responses.

Four candidates are running for Chaffee District 1 and District 2 seats:

  • Greg Felt is running unopposed for re-election to the Chaffee District 2 seat as an unaffiliated candidate.
  • Keith Baker is running for re-election to the Chaffee District 1 seat as the Democratic candidate.
  • Hannah Hannah is running for the District 1 seat as a Republican candidate.
  • Bonnie Davis is running for the District 1 seat as a Libertarian.

The Oct. 1 Chaffee County Commissioner Candidate Forum will be available to the public on Zoom:

The forum will also be available on YouTube on the City of Salida channel.

Featured image: Election 2020 image courtesy of Fort Myers Beach Observer