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At Ark Valley Voice,  we believe that truth should have a voice. Whether you regularly read Ark Valley Voice or only drop in on an issue of interest — environmental concerns, or mental health, economic coverage or election controversy —  when you do, you are sharing in our role as “truth-tellers.”

Some of the AVV “Crew” that brings you news six-plus days a week.

Local journalism means that we cover news where we live — and it also means that as fact-based journalists, we take an eyes-wide-open look at news and issues happening here — as well as in the state and nation — and what it may mean for residents here.

We ask tough questions. We search for answers. As regular readers know, sometimes we explore issues where others fear to go. But often, diving into those issues gets to what is really going on.

Our team is hardworking, dedicated, and curious. At Ark Valley Voice we don’t tell you what to think — we give you information to help you think.

But as we reach mid-month, donations toward our NewsMatch are a bit behind. To receive the $5,000 grant from the Colorado Media Project and the Gates Family Foundation for which we’ve been selected, we have to raise $5,000 in community donations.

As of this Saturday morning, donations stood at $2,300 toward the $5,000 goal. We hope as you consider a donation that you do so as an endorsement of the public service provided by Ark Valley Voice.

Frankly, while serving our community with no-cost news, we work on a shoestring budget. We need this grant, as well as donations; every penny of which goes to the wages of our staff. We’d love to double community donations to $10,000, which may mean that Gates will up its grant match. We don’t know if that is possible – but we would surely like to try.

We believe that truth should have a voice. Your donation to Ark Valley Voice means that the truth-telling can continue — and our ability to do so is truly a partnership with our readers everywhere.